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“Week of Innovative Regions in Europe (WIRE 2010)”


The Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and the European Commission jointly organized the Week of Innovative Regions in Europe (WIRE 2010) that was held in Granada – Spain, on 15-17 March 2010, under the auspices of the Spanish EU Council Presidency.

The event was focused on how to move from “synergies of policies” to “synergies of actions” for the optimal use of EU instruments, with the objective of making regions full protagonists in building the knowledge-based society.

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WIRE 2010 is the result of merging three different conferences:

  • Conference on the efficient and effective use of budget earmarked in the Structural Funds for RTD and Innovation, including their synergies with the FP and the CIP.
  • "Research Potential" conference, which focuses on the assessment of the results and the identification of best practices of the Research Potential (REGPOT) calls within the FP7 Capacities Programme, aimed at the increase of the research capabilities of the best research centres of the European regions, with an special emphasis in Convergence and Outermost regions.
  • "Regions of Knowledge" conference, which deals with the assessment of the results and the identification of best practices of the Regions of Knowledge (REGIONS) calls within the FP7 Capacities Programme, aimed at fostering regional cooperation through "research-driven clusters" by means of a comparison of the different regional strategies and joint action plans defined.
Topics, discussed in common sessions were, among others, the aggregation of the good practices found in the development of the two programmes, REGPOT and REGIONS, and some possible synergies, such as the stimuli to foster research potential of areas of interest of a cluster in a given region or groups of regions, or the clustering around a high quality research centre in a certain regions. The synergies between the different innovation instruments (FP, SF and CIP, the National and Regional initiatives) were also the common subject of study during the European Week of Innovative Regions.

together The conference was one of the major events of the Spanish presidency with approximately 450 participants.
WIRE 2010 was a high-level forum for discussion of stakeholder's good practices and ideas on how to make the best of European, national and regional funding for R&D and innovation and more efficient ways to conduct future actions. In this line, REGPOT and REGIONS programmes (Capacities – FP7) can play a crucial role. The Research Potential Program and the role of the WBC within REGPOT were among the topics discussed. FOOD CLUSTER INITIATIVE was presented as the successful EC project by professor Keith Adrain Harrap.
FEED-TO-FOOD project beneficiaries (IAS and FINS) participate at conference and presented the poster.