Project objectives

Main project objectives

  • Reinforcement of CENTER FOR FEED AND ANIMAL PRODUCTS (FAP) into the modern Research Center FEED-TO-FOOD upgraded with new researchers and Pilot Plant equipment capable for investigation in feed manufacturing technology.

  • Creation of network for cooperation between research teams, with scientific interest concerned with the feed to food production chain.

  • Improvement of research capacities and filling the gap in experience in how to take part in complex and long term research EU projects

Overal strategy

  • Upgrading and renewal of S&T research equipment for Research Center FEED-TO-FOOD
  • Recruitment of the Research Center FEED-TO-FOOD by :
    •  incoming experienced researcher (nationals)
    •  hiring of new young researchers

  • Exchange of know-how and scientific experience between IFF and IFR Institutes and Research Center FEED-TO-FOOD
    •  trans national two-way secondments of research staff between the selected centres
    •  training in IFF and IFR institutes for Ph.D. students and/or post- doctoral researchers
    •  specialized trainings in laboratories abroad
    •  preparing of cooperative activities and/or joint RTD proposals

  • Knowledge transfer at national and international level
    •  workshops, roundtable
    •  national and international conferences
    •  FOOD CLUSTERING initiative
    •  short term training event s
    •  network building
    •  expose of selected centres to a more international environment

  • Dissemination and promotional activities to ensure increased visibility of all beneficiaries and their activities