Public presentations of paper and articles concerned with the project


•Animal Production Systems”  which took place in Barcelona from 24 to 27 of August 2009 . Connection with an ongoing FP7 project (REDNEX, focused on protein feeds), was achieved during participation to this meeting, Within EAAP meeting, this project consortia organized a symposium, where one member of Feed to Food team participated and was assigned as contact person for REDNEX in Romania; Information and leaflets were distributed;

•Meeting of Lithuanian Union of Zootechnicians, September 24, 2009, Kaunas;

•8th International Symposium of Animal Biology and Nutrition, 25-26 September 2009, IBNA, Bucharest-Romania;

•As a part of activities related to Feed-to-Food project, 1st Workshop „Modern trends in production chain from feed to food“ and 13th International Symposium „Feed Technology, Quality and Safety“ were organized and held in Novi Sad from September 29th to October 1st, 2009. All papers and presentations were published in Proceedings in Serbian and English, 200 printed copies each. Copies were distributed to participants, authorities, University libraries and National library;

•Session of Lithuanian Board of Agricultural Science, November 5, Baisogala;

•Meeting of Association of Agricultural Companies, November, 24 Baisogala.

Some  of promotional activities have been disseminated through other meeting and events supported not only by EU but  from other sources of funding:

•TAIEX Workshop on Feed Safety, AGR 32323 organized in co-operation with Serbian Chamber of Commerce & FEFAC held in Novi Sad on February 20th, 2009. The aim of the meeting was to inform the participants on the HACCP-based Quality Assurance systems and different feed technology issues. In the frame of this workshop, Feed-to Food project was presented through oral presentation, leaflets and roll-up banner, press conference as well as through different contacts with participants;

•Feed to Food project was promoted during several national seminaries (on cattle, sheep, pig, poultry) organized monthly by IBNA Bucharest-Romania, from February to May 2009.

•The first meeting of EUFETEC  (European Feed Technology Center), Brussels 19.06. 2009. at which FEED-TO-FOOD Research Centre became officially member. For this purpose, presentations of FEED-TO-FOOD project and Institute were showed.

•Meeting of new consortia for project proposal –call KBBE-2010-2-4.03, Paris  22-23. November, 2009.

•First international conference “Sustainable postharvest and food technologies”  INOPTEP 2009,  April 21nd – 26th, 2009, Divcibare, promotional material (roll-up banner and leaflets);

•Advancing of technologies for sustainable feed production, Project funded by Republic Ministry of Science and Technological Development, in the first year report presentation,  Feed to Food Project has been promoted; leaflets and roll-up banner;

•“Future animal research activities in the west Balkan countries”, ASO  Sofia March 16th -18th 2009,  Exploratory Workshop with participation of beneficiaries  IBNA, IAS and  FINS; presentation of project, beneficiaries, leaflets and roll up-banner;

•FEED SEG Symposium “Plant-derived feed additives – recent scientific and regulatory developments” held in Parma, March 30th – April 1st 2009. The symposium involved a section for identifying new project ideas for FP7 and relevant partnerships; leaflets and information about project

•Fourth Scientific Conference- BALNIMALCON- 2009, “CHALLENGES OF THE BALKAN ANIMAL INDUSTRY AND THE ROLE OF SCIENCE AND COOPERATION “, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, 13-16. 05. 2009.; presentation about project, leaflets and roll-up banner;