Following activities were achieved during equipment purchasing:

  • Coordinator initiates the purchasing procedure;
  • Commision for choosing equipment was constituted consisting most experienced staff in feed technology from Research Center FEED-TO-FOOD;
  • The list of equipment needed with specific requirements were prepared by commission and presented to companies that produced and/or sell such equipment. This procedure is obligatory according to Serbian legislative, Article 88 of the Law of Public Acquisition;
  • Offers for pilot plant equipment and for some laboratory units were collected and analyzed;
  • Consulting about choices and combinations of new equipment were performed with experts from IFF Institute;
  • Experts from IFF Institute also collected and analyzed offers for equipment;
  • Commision select the offer that fulfils best requested characteristics in a manner consistent with the principles of economy efficiency and effectiveness.The decision  on the equipment purchasing was made after comparing available offers, according to production performances, capacities, prices and available budget and according to huge experience with the equipment which will be bought and research work in feed technology;
  • Before the final decision, during the purchasing procedure, the visit to equipment producing companies KAHL (Germany) and Buhler (Germany and Switzerland) were organized for three members of commission;
  • Contracts for buying and assembly of equipment were signed with producers, montagers and/or Importers Companies;
  • Most of purchased equipment are delivered until the end of project 1st year
  • Before equipment delivery, laboratory for pilot plant was redesigned
    to meet the requirements for proper operation of the new equipment (this was funded by FINS)
  • Practical and theoretical treining in Amandus Kahl company, held from 29th of June to 3rd of July 2009. Researchers and technician from FINS (dr Marija Bodroža-Solarov, Dušica Ivanov, Bojana Kokić, Đuro Vukmirović, Radmilo Čolović and Albert Kormanjoš) learnt how to manipulate with processing equipment. This training was free and staff in Amandus Kahl Company was very devoted in order to train our researchers and technician.