WP2 Reinforcement of FEED-TO-FOOD Research Potentials

•  Improving the RTD capacity of FEED-TO-FOOD RESEARCH CENTRE in terms of:

  • Upgrading and renewal S&T research equipment
  • Development of S&T human potential and opening the opportunity for several young researchers to be hired and later employed by the centre and thus prevent “brain-drain”.
  • Creating conditions for integration of FEED-TO-FOOD RESEARCH CENTRE in the FP7
  • networks and RTD projects as well as in the MS's national cooperation programmes

Description of work
• Upgrading and renewal of S&T infrastructure of FEED-TO-FOOD RESEARCH CENTRE

  • Tender documentation detailing the equipment needed and the specific requirements will be prepared by experts from FEED-TO-FOOD RESEARCH CENTRE and IFF, and presented to companies that produced and/or sell such equipment
  • Project coordinator, by the assistance of experts from FEED-TO-FOOD RESEARCH CENTRE will decide upon and select the offer that fulfils best the requirements presented in the documentation. According to the rules in Serbia for purchasing equipment, at least three valid offers are required
  • Training of young researchers and technician for working with new equipment.
  • Short stays for experts from FEED-TO-FOOD RESEARCH CENTRE at IFF and in equipment Producing and/or selling companies

•  Young researchers ( chosen from the excellent postgraduate students) will be hired to work on the activities of FEED-TO-FOOD RESEARCH CENTRE, to be trained for working with specific new pilot plant equipments. Towards the end of the project permanent positions in FEED-TO-FOOD RESEARCH CENTRE or in fins will be offered for 2 of young researchers and thus prevent “brain-drain”. For the other two young researchers, FEED-TO-FOOD RESEARCH CENTRE will try to find an appropriate position elsewhere (laboratories, industry, SME ...)
•  Young technician will be hired to work and trained for maintaining a specific new pilot plant equipments in FEED-TO-FOOD RESEARCH CENTRE

•  Report about equipment reinforcement
•  Reports about hired young researchers and technician